Below you will find all the workshops I have done to help you with creating multiple streams of passive income. There are three things you need to do when creating passive income!

First, you need to setup your Passive Income Machine. I have an entire workshop showing you how to do that. It's called the $12K A Month Passive Income Blueprint Workshop and you can get access to it by clicking here.

The second and third thing you need to do is decide on what passive income streams you want your Passive Income Machine to promote for you and then promote your Passive Income Machine. So I have put the rest of the workshops in two categories.

Passive Income Streams and Passive Income Machine Promotion. Look through your options below and use what you need!

Passive Income Streams:

The Affiliate Marketer's Passive Income Workshop – In this workshop I'll show you how to create your very own passive income business as an affiliate marketer. No crazy lead magnets to create or other hard work. Just follow my system, do what I do, and you'll have your very own profit pumping PASSIVE affiliate marketing business! Click here for access!

Social Media Passive Profits Workshop – In this workshop I'll show you how to create multiple streams of passive income in the social media marketing niche. There are huge needs that business owners have and you can meet those needs and profit from them with very simple offers. I'll show you how to create these offers and set them up as passive income streams! Click here for access!

Passive Membership Profits Workshop – Membership sites make great passive income streams. If you know how to do them correctly. I have a complete strategy I use to create autopilot membership sites that make me money month after month and I'll show you every step of creating your very own in this workshop! Click here for access!

Resellers Passive Profits Workshop – When you think of digital products you might think they're hard to create and you can't make passive income with them. That couldn't be further from the truth. In this workshop I'll show you how to create complete digital products from easy to find PLR content and turn them into passive income streams over and over and over again! Click here for access!

Passive Income Machine Promotion:

Passive Income Promotion Engine Workshop – The Passive Income Promotion Engine Workshop is a workshop I did showing you how to setup a promotion engine to get traffic to and market your passive income streams. This can be applied to promoting anything, but I specifically created it for those who are building passive income machines to promote their passive income streams on autopilot. Click here for access!

The Big Three Workshop – Want to learn how to use the three biggest social media sites online to get all the traffic you need to fuel your passive-income streams? In this workshop I'm going to show you how to start getting traffic from the three MASSIVE social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) from scratch! You'll watch me setup everything, show you my systems, and start getting TARGETED traffic that I put in front of my passive-income streams. Click here for access!

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