Here's how to create multiple streams of passive income online...

Passive Income Live – The Getting Started Webinar

Tonight I kicked off the new Passive Income Live Coaching Webinar with topics such as…

1. Let's talk Funnel World…

2. If you want to succeed you better pay attention. Don't be the 95%!

3. Getting Started (Beyond Funnel World) – Build That List!

4. Other Passive Income Machines – (There's more than OPFs.)

Resources Mentioned In Tonight's Webinar:

1. Learn more about the Passive Income Machines I'll be teaching you about by clicking here.

2. I use Optimize Press to create all of my optin pages, sales pages, membership pages, etc. You can get it from

3. If you don't know how to build a squeeze page go through my List In 24 Hours Workshop by clicking here.

4. Want me to create a squeeze page for you? Then check out

5. Tonight I was asked about the presentation software I use. It's called Simple Diagrams and you can get it by clicking here.


  1. Robin Lee

    Loved the replay! Tough love, but sometime you just gotta 🙂 Looking forward to the journey :

    • liztomey

      98% of the time I’m all strawberry shortcake like, but that 2% is when I’ve had it. *lol* It’s all meant with love though. 🙂 <3

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