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Kick Off

Good morning!

I couldn't be more excited today because TODAY your and my new journey begins…

What are you talking about, Liz?

Well for the last few weeks I've been hinting at some big changes. I made an announcement yesterday that it was “Time For A Change!

We all only get so many trips around the sun, and working away killing yourself is not how ANY of us want to live this life, right?

So I'm switching gears and building a new brand to help YOU and ME make more-money and have more time to enjoy our lives and spend that-money.

It all revolves around building multiple streams of passive-income!

To kick off this brand I'm going to be talking about setting-up passive income-funnels that make you-money hands free.

Seriously… It CAN be done, it CAN be scaled, and it's going to give you that time freedom you truly need.

There will be MANY other passive-income formulas I'll be teaching, but this is the first one.

So, how can you join me on this new journey and learn all about gaining your freedom back WHILE making-money?

It's simple…

Get Lee Murray's new Funnel World course at

I've been working closely with Lee for a few weeks now and he is teaching you all about these passive income-funnels. He calls them OPFs (Other People's Funnels) and Funnel World is where he will take you under his wing and show you this amazing way to create a passive-income.

When you buy through my link you'll automatically start your journey to creating multiple-streams of passive income with me too because I've created a mega bonus to really help you!

Here are my bonuses when you buy Funnel World from me…

1. Access to the Passive-Income Squad Facebook Group – This is a brand new group that I'm using to build a network of people all working with each other to build a passive-income.

This will be the “headquarters” of everything where we can network, talk about the passive-income streams we are building, work with each other, and help each other. No one gets left behind with this one. šŸ™‚ I'll be the fearless leader over there to fill in the “holes” for anyone who needs help.

The main goal of EVERYONE in this group is to get to at least $10,000-a-month in passive-income.

This WILL be the biggest network of people working towards creating passive-incomes EVER created. šŸ™‚

2. Passive-Income Live – This will be a bi-weekly (every two weeks) LIVE mastermind meeting we will be doing where we will talk about different formulas for passive-income and I can help you live each week with anything you need help with involving building your passive-income.

3. The Passive-Income Funnels Workshop with Lee Murray – Lee has agreed to do a webby with my people where he will come in and talk about how to build a single funnel that fuels your passive-income streams. Lee is one of the most wildly brilliant marketers I've ever met and you're going to learn a ton from him!

4. A DFY funnel that will allow you to create your first stream of passive-income! You'll get a squeeze page, free offer, and emails that will build your first stream of passive income for you. This will be where it all starts for you!

Here's my link again >>>

So, if you want to learn about creating multiple-streams of passive-income join me on this journey. Get Funnel World and learn from Lee. Get my bonus package and let me personally help you. After purchase you'll be able to access the link to claim your bonuses and join me!

I look forward to our new journey together!

Liz <3


  1. Bertman

    Hey Liz, its always nice to SEE you! I’m very excited about this new method of building passive income and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be doing it with! “In bed with Liz” sounds like the beat place to be! Sorry, you set me up, I had to go there!

    • liztomey

      *LMAO* Thank you! Glad you’ve joined me and I’m looking forward to this journey with you. You’re one of my faves and with all the knowledge in your head I know you can kill it!

      • Bertman

        Thanks, you’ve been one of my faces for quite a few years! I’m already thinking of ways to build on this using other skills, tools and knowledge… Very exciting stuff! ?

  2. Marty

    Hey Liz,

    This sounds exactly like what I need right now. Can’t wait to get started!

    One question… Do you recommend getting any of the funnel-world upsells?


    • liztomey

      I bought the first upsell because I wanted that DFY funnel. Had to have it. Love those things! šŸ™‚ I bought the second upsell because I want to watch Lee build out his OPF funnel. It’s 60 days watching Lee kill it!!! Had to have it too. That’s all I bought though.

  3. Susan Martinello

    Hello, I am a new person not much knowledge of the online word, but I was wondering if I had to purchase the OTO’s offered here ? Or is the course itself enough right now ? Sincerely Sue M

    • liztomey

      My advice to you is to take your time, learn, and implement. All you have to buy to get the bonus is the first product.

  4. Dave Kwiecinski

    Thanks, Liz. Looking forward to this! Perfect way for me to kick off a new decade.

    • liztomey

      Your 30’s are going to be awesome!!!

  5. Mark

    Ready to get started.

    • liztomey

      Whoo hoo!

  6. Connie Barker

    Hi Liz,

    I am so looking forward to this journey. I have been learning lot’s about funnels and how to set them up for a few months . But, there are so many areas I don’t fully understand…….I really believe you are going to be the one who will teach me how to link it all together and finally make some serious money!!!

    Thank you so much for including me.

    • liztomey

      I am out of my mind excited about all of this!!! Thanks for joining me. We’re going to make money AND have a ton of fun doing it!

  7. Joe

    Bought When you first mentioned it along with the first two upsells
    Starting to set every thing up

    • liztomey

      Thanks, Joe! I sooooo appreciate you! We’re gonna rock this!

  8. Frank

    Hi Liz,
    You’re uniquely special as a marketer.Your approach ,care and concern to leave no one behind.Bought the first OTO and will do my best to keep up with Ms Speed.

    • liztomey

      Your words mean the world to me. I am so glad my feelings come through. I do truly care about you all, and we’re gonna kill it together! <3

  9. Rappaport

    Liz, I sent you an email on July 23, 6 pm NY time. Your input has everything to do with how I start with this. Thanks very much.

    • liztomey

      Where did you send it?

  10. Rappaport
    But I just sent you an update to the same address before checking here if you answered. Sorry, and Thank You!

    • Rappaport

      One more update, Liz: Since i didn’t hear from you yet and time is running out on Lee’s launch, I picked up Funnel World with your link. Looking forward. šŸ™‚

  11. Max

    HI Liz,

    About when do you think *your* DFY Bonus Funnel will be ready?

    • liztomey

      Hey Max! In a couple of weeks. I need to get everyone on the Funnel World stuff before moving on with that. It’s a funnel for something different I want to tell you guys about, so hold tight. I will email you as soon as it’s ready. šŸ™‚

  12. Patrick

    hey Liz, good morning!

    i’ve got my access to Funnel World, i’m ready to build some lists!


    • liztomey

      Heck yeah, my man! Looking forward to seeing how you do! Hope to see you in the FB group. šŸ™‚

  13. Kelly

    Iā€™m in. I remember your name. Not sure if it was the Warrior Forum back in the day or at E1KAD forum. I took a break from IM while my kids were young but looking forward to getting back into things big time.

    • liztomey

      Cool! Glad you remember me. šŸ™‚ Also glad to have you!

  14. David Shoup

    Hey Liz, it was great to finally make another of your webinars. I purchased FW through your link on launch day. I also got the first OTO, plan to get the second one a little later. I am stoked and pumped to finally be on one of your journeys from the start. I have put what we discussed on my coaching call on hold until I get this going as I think this will allow me to have the time necessary for the other. Thank you so much for talking me into joining BWL because that is how I hear of this.

    • liztomey

      So glad to have you dear! This is going to be freakin awesome!!!!

  15. Michael

    Hello Liz, considering this development should I still purchase the 3k per month blogging challenge?

    • liztomey

      It’s not really a blogging challenge, but I DO know what you’re talking about. That is an awesome program that will really teach you how I market and make money. I DO recommend it. And we’re going to be re-doing it so that it’s ALL about passive income!

  16. Anthony Igbinosun

    Awesome. I am in

  17. Morteza

    Hi Liz,
    I am looking forward to be coached from you. You always inspired me. I got ALL OTO’s just in case. The goal of 10K a month as passive income challenge sounds very exciting.
    God bless you

    • liztomey

      Thanks, Morteza! Glad to have you!!!

  18. Ingrid du Preez

    Hi Liz! I bought the Main tonight (through your link). Too broke for the rest. Will on payday. Want to start this Passive Income with you. Passive is what suits my busy life, the best. Glad to be on your team! Ingrid. :))

    • liztomey

      So glad to have you sweetie!

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