Here's how to create multiple streams of passive income online...

Almost A Year Into The Passive Income Journey

After almost a year into the $12K a month passive income journey, and after teaching 7 different workshops about it I've done an update to show everyone where I'm at with things, AND how all of these pieces fit together.

If you're just now starting your passive income journey or your lost in it all, watch this video. It's going to get you on track and help you understand where you need to start and ALL of your options.

Note: Anyone who has ALL of my passive income workshops is entitled to a 30 minute phone call with me to help you with any questions you have. Just hit the help desk with proof of purchase and they'll get you in touch with me. If you don't have all of the passive income workshops you can get them for a one time fee (soon to be $297 so get them NOW!) at

Watch the video below to see where I am and what your options are for YOUR passive income journey!

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Promoting Your Passive Income Streams

For the last few days I've been talking A LOT about passive-income and how you need to get started…

Just to recap…

The first thing you need to do is create a passive-income machine. This is the setup of your passive-income business in the niche of your choice.

I teach how to setup a passive-income machine in my $12k A Month Passive Income Blueprint at

Once you have that setup you need to add your different passive-income streams. There are several options for this and so far I have covered TWO in-depth. One on using digital products as passive-income streams and one on using membership sites as passive-income streams.

You can read about those under the label Passive-Income Streams at

Once you have these things setup then you must promote your passive-income machine.

There are many many many many (did I say MANY?) ways to do this.

I've been sharing how I do it via a few different workshops. You can read about those under the label Passive-Income Promotion at

I've just come out with a brand new workshop showing you how to promote your passive-income machines…

It's called The Big Three Workshop and it's where I show you how to use the three biggest social media sites online to get all the traffic you need to fuel your passive-income streams.

I'm going to show you how to start getting traffic from these three MASSIVE social media sites from scratch!

You'll watch me setup everything, show you my systems, and start getting TARGETED traffic that I put in front of my passive-income streams.

To grab one of the 100 spots just head over to

So, what's coming next?

I'll be moving forward with showing you my passive-income journey by doing more of these workshops. They don't cost an arm and a leg and have been the best way I can help people.

We're going to focus on covering more passive income-streams and more ways to promote them, so stay tuned!

Talk soon!


Join The Passive-Income Journey!

Yesterday I told you about the first step you should be taking in creating your own passive-income.

Myself and a few hundred people in my tribe are currently on a journey to create $12k a month in passive-income.

The first step you should take is setting up your passive-income machine.

Once you have that you need to get your passive-income streams setup. YES! You need multiple-streams of passive income incase one fails for one reason or another.


I've been doing workshops showing options for passive-income streams. Currently I have TWO of them.

One shows how to create easy to setup membership sites to create passive-income. Like you seriously don't have to touch these once you have them setup. 🙂

The other one shows how to create digital products from cheap PLR content, and then set them up for passive-income.

I have many more of these workshops coming, but if you've missed these I've put ALL workshops I've done so far about passive-income on a nice easy to understand page at

Now once you have your passive-income machine setup, you've filled it with your passive-income streams, there's one more thing you need to do.

Spend 1-2 hours a day promoting your passive-income machine and let it do the work for you.

That's it… Set it up, spend a few hours a day promoting it, and the money comes in.

It's hands down the best business model out there.

I've also done a workshop showing you how to promote your passive-income machine. It's on this page too >>>

So just to recap…

  1. Build your passive-income machine
  2. Fill it with multiple streams of passive-income
  3. Spend 1-2 hours a day promoting your passive-income machine

That's it!

I've done workshops showing you how to do ALL of this, and I've made them SUPER affordable.

If you'd like to start your passive-income journey then with me and the hundreds of others who are doing this too then go get started at

In the next couple of days I'll be telling you about a brand new workshop I have coming out for those on the “passive income journey” with me, so stay tuned!

Talk soon!


New Passive-Income Workshop Is Coming!

I've got some exciting news today!

My passive-income workshops have been a massive success. My people are loving them and better yet USING them to create their online passive-income streams.

Passive-income is my #1 focus because I want more time to do the things I LOVE.

Time with family and friends, time to travel, time for my “passion projects”, etc.

While I'm on this journey I'm teaching exactly what I'm doing.

This ALL starts with you having your own Passive-Income Machine.

It is the #1 thing you must absolutely have to make passive-income.

I did a workshop not too long ago showing you how to create your own passive-income machine.

If you haven't gone through that workshop yet, then STOP what you're doing, get access to it, and DO what I'm showing you to do.

Here's the workshop >>>

This is where it all starts!

Once you have your passive-income machine setup then you can bring in MULTIPLE-streams of passive-income and build your-income to where you NEED/WANT it.

But like I said… This is where you HAVE to start.

I've done other workshops showing…

  1. The different passive-incomes you can use.
  2. How to promote your passive-income machine.

In just a few days I'll have a new workshop on how to promote your passive-income machine, so if you haven't gotten yours setup yet, make sure you get access to this workshop right now!

Here's the workshop >>>

That's it for now… Tomorrow we will be talking about your options for your actual passive-income streams, so stay tuned!

Talk soon!


Passive Income Live – Where You Should Be, Passive Income Streams, And FTMs

On tonight's Passive Income Live Webinar we did a recap of where you should be on your journey to making your first $10,000 a month in passive income, we talked about the three passive income streams you can use right now, AND we talked about creating Fixed Term Membership Sites for passive income!

Here was tonight's highlights:

1. What you should have… Build! Build! Build!

2. Passive income with membership sites.

3. Understanding FTMs. (Fixed Term Memberships)

4. What are YOU doing?

Resources Mentioned In Tonight's Webinar:

1. Funnel World –

2. Your Own Blogging Membership –

3. 6 RTG Membership Sites System –

4. Member Sonic – This is what I use to protect and manage all membership sites I create.  You can get a 50% discount using my link

5. Backstage With Liz – If you can swing the price this is a great deal because you get a load of coaching from me AND all of my stuff for free. It will save you a ton of money in the long run!

Passive-Income With Membership Sites? Really?

So I've been thinking…

Uh oh *lol*

A lot of people are going in the WRONG direction when it comes to having a membership-site to create a passive income.

Passive-income is NOT having to have a membership-site that you have to constantly update. That's NOT passive. It's too much work and and it's NOT hands off.

You basically have TWO options.

Option #1 – A fixed term membership site (FTM). This is where you decide on how long your membership will last. Generally it's 12 months. Then you create all the content for all 12 months, and you drip that content on your members. After 12 months you can either add more content or your members just roll out of your membership site. It's an AMAZING model and I love it.

But Option #2 is even easier…

Option #2 – A DONE FOR YOU (DFY) fixed term membership. This is where everything is developed for you. The membership area is built, all the content is created, and it's all automated.

These are REALLY hard to find though and generally when you DO find them they cost 100s of dollars if not 1000s of dollars. 🙁

But today is your lucky day because I have created a done for you fixed term membership AND I'm giving you 50% off of it so it's NOT going to cost you an arm and a leg!

With this done for you system you'll get your very own membership targeted at people who want to make-money blogging. It's a HOT niche with many hungry-buyers!

This is truly th key to creating a passive income stream, and if you want to save $50 for the next 48 hours then stop what you're soing and make sure you scoop this up!

Okay that's it for now… This week we are going to be talking a lot about using membership-sites to create passive-income so make sure you're paying attention. I've got some killer stuff to share with you!

Talk soon!


Passive Income Live – The Getting Started Webinar

Tonight I kicked off the new Passive Income Live Coaching Webinar with topics such as…

1. Let's talk Funnel World…

2. If you want to succeed you better pay attention. Don't be the 95%!

3. Getting Started (Beyond Funnel World) – Build That List!

4. Other Passive Income Machines – (There's more than OPFs.)

Resources Mentioned In Tonight's Webinar:

1. Learn more about the Passive Income Machines I'll be teaching you about by clicking here.

2. I use Optimize Press to create all of my optin pages, sales pages, membership pages, etc. You can get it from

3. If you don't know how to build a squeeze page go through my List In 24 Hours Workshop by clicking here.

4. Want me to create a squeeze page for you? Then check out

5. Tonight I was asked about the presentation software I use. It's called Simple Diagrams and you can get it by clicking here.

Kick Off

Good morning!

I couldn't be more excited today because TODAY your and my new journey begins…

What are you talking about, Liz?

Well for the last few weeks I've been hinting at some big changes. I made an announcement yesterday that it was “Time For A Change!

We all only get so many trips around the sun, and working away killing yourself is not how ANY of us want to live this life, right?

So I'm switching gears and building a new brand to help YOU and ME make more-money and have more time to enjoy our lives and spend that-money.

It all revolves around building multiple streams of passive-income!

To kick off this brand I'm going to be talking about setting-up passive income-funnels that make you-money hands free.

Seriously… It CAN be done, it CAN be scaled, and it's going to give you that time freedom you truly need.

There will be MANY other passive-income formulas I'll be teaching, but this is the first one.

So, how can you join me on this new journey and learn all about gaining your freedom back WHILE making-money?

It's simple…

Get Lee Murray's new Funnel World course at

I've been working closely with Lee for a few weeks now and he is teaching you all about these passive income-funnels. He calls them OPFs (Other People's Funnels) and Funnel World is where he will take you under his wing and show you this amazing way to create a passive-income.

When you buy through my link you'll automatically start your journey to creating multiple-streams of passive income with me too because I've created a mega bonus to really help you!

Here are my bonuses when you buy Funnel World from me…

1. Access to the Passive-Income Squad Facebook Group – This is a brand new group that I'm using to build a network of people all working with each other to build a passive-income.

This will be the “headquarters” of everything where we can network, talk about the passive-income streams we are building, work with each other, and help each other. No one gets left behind with this one. 🙂 I'll be the fearless leader over there to fill in the “holes” for anyone who needs help.

The main goal of EVERYONE in this group is to get to at least $10,000-a-month in passive-income.

This WILL be the biggest network of people working towards creating passive-incomes EVER created. 🙂

2. Passive-Income Live – This will be a bi-weekly (every two weeks) LIVE mastermind meeting we will be doing where we will talk about different formulas for passive-income and I can help you live each week with anything you need help with involving building your passive-income.

3. The Passive-Income Funnels Workshop with Lee Murray – Lee has agreed to do a webby with my people where he will come in and talk about how to build a single funnel that fuels your passive-income streams. Lee is one of the most wildly brilliant marketers I've ever met and you're going to learn a ton from him!

4. A DFY funnel that will allow you to create your first stream of passive-income! You'll get a squeeze page, free offer, and emails that will build your first stream of passive income for you. This will be where it all starts for you!

Here's my link again >>>

So, if you want to learn about creating multiple-streams of passive-income join me on this journey. Get Funnel World and learn from Lee. Get my bonus package and let me personally help you. After purchase you'll be able to access the link to claim your bonuses and join me!

I look forward to our new journey together!

Liz <3